I See You

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a class titled “Divine Femininity”.  My reason for attending the class was to have a better understanding of femininity and how to balance my masculine energy with it.  Some of the participants were expecting to see female participants only.   It was very interesting to watch their reactions to seeing males in the same group.  I could understand their concern – perhaps they were thinking men do not experience some of the same hurtful issues as women; especially if men have been the cause for them to hate or dislike their own feminine side.
During the class, participants started sharing their experiences and gradually the curtain of mistrust was lifted.  At the end of the class, everyone was surprised how having both sides (female & male) sharing their experiences provided a much better understanding regarding issues relating to femininity and our perspective on it.
In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, fruit trees in our garden within may have been injured and hurt due to various traumas (elements).  We may assume that the hurt is a reflection of our own defect, or that we are the only one experiencing such hurts.  In addition, we may limit our interaction to share and learn with other gardeners based on looks, gender, or by rationalizing that others may not have similar understanding or insights.
The experience of this class was a great reminder for me that we all react to outside events based on our past experiences and hurts.  It is sometimes very easy to think we are separated and fundamentally different than others (do not let gender or appearance fool you). This poem summarizes what I learned from this interaction.
I See You
I see you
through your armor, tough look and
your loud voice.
I see you
through your hunched shoulders and
your small voice.
I see you
through your cold eyes and
your indifferent manner.
I see you
through your moist eyes telling stories
of hurt and misunderstanding.
I see you
through your words
stating that you are separate from others.
I see you
how you react when you hear words of
love, support, healing, and understanding.
I see you
asking with your eyes
saying how can I experience more joy?
I see you
as I see myself
both drops from the same ocean.
I see you
as I see myself
both with the same desire in our hearts.
I see you
as I see myself
both learning how to connect again
the Source.
Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent Shervin, Excellent! I see you too!

  2. Dirk says:

    Absolutely first rate and coo-prpbettomed, gentlemen!

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