If Only

We all take different paths to fill the void within us.  Each of us may take a different path based on our perspectives.  The irony is that in the search for filling the void we may hate or disrespect a part of ourselves, and ignore our well being thinking if we deny our feelings, look outside for fulfillment or “fix” ourselves then we will feel whole, lovable and complete. The truth of the matter is that what we need and desire it is already available to us, we just need to open our “eyes” and see them.

If Only

If only I learn the next subject
will I feel valuable?

If only I hear the next “I love you”
will I feel lovable?

If only I hear the next “thank you”
will I not be resentful?

If only I can afford the “next gadget”
will I feel worthy?

If only I  have “this much” money
will I feel secure?

If only I am heard and noticed
will I be happy?

If only I am acknowledged by peers and family
will I feel loved?

How many such statements have you repeated?

How has it worked for you?

It is like drinking salty water to quench your thirst!
Your thirst will never will quenched.

Perhaps your attention needs to be directed inward.

If only I face and welcome my emotions
I am free.

If only I am silent and listen
I feel connected.

If only I accept myself
I feel my love.

If only I connect with me
I am whole.

Copyright @ 2012 by Shervin Hojat

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