How Am I?

Have you ever asked yourself “How am I?”

We are many times, mostly out of habit, been asked, “How are you?”  Depending on our mood, we may say “Ok” or “not bad” or “good” or ”can be better” or “wonderful” or “bad” or ” terrible”, which are all a judgment of what we feel.

Typically we just say OK or good because we feel this is not a real inquiry or we do not want to talk about whatever is going in our lives, or perhaps we have not paid attention to how we are feeling!

Practice this for twenty-one days: Ask yourself every day: “How am I?” Then, take deep breaths and let the question resonate in your body. What new insights come up?

How Am I?

Let me take a deep breath
before I answer out of compulsion.

Let me ask my body before I say
“good” or “bad”!

Let me ask my organs in my body
before I utter words!

My body’s response will not be words
“good”, “bad” or “super”!
This is the language of my ego!

Inquire within, “How am I?”
with patience and care.

This is not about the “correct” answer
to look good or get sympathy.

This is an inquiry within from an outside source!

This inquiry is about recognizing sensations in your body
and verbalizing your findings with no judgment!

Copyright @ 2013 by Shervin Hojat


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  1. Adidon says:

    Hi Lisa, I hope you really enjoy your fagimnlo peppers. They’re so fun to work with. Since this recipe is embedded in the photos, there isn’t a print function, unfortunately. A smart phone or tablet propped up on the kitchen counter is probably a good bet. I hope you enjoy!

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