Hypnotizing a Lobster

At one of my Toastmaster’s meetings, a person presented a speech on how to hypnotize a lobster so that when you put it in boiling water it will not scream.  He indicated that a similar technique can also be applied to crabs.  You soothe the crustaceans by gently stroking, beginning about two inches behind their nose down to their back, and then reverse the direction!  Although I do not eat the creatures, my heart felt for their painful demise.

I wondered then about our own soft spots and what hypnotizes us as human beings so that others are able take advantage of our spiritual, mental, financial or other resources without us being aware of it.

Think about situations, words and emotions that hypnotize you and might allow you to let your spiritual, mental and financial guard down.  You may not know the hypnotic technique that is being “applied” to you, but you probably can identify it for others.  You may know a friend who may fall for nice talk, fancy gifts, drugs or excessive entertainment, to name just few hypnotic methods

Soft Spots

What are your soft spots?

How do you allow someone to hypnotize you
to rob you of your spiritual, mental and financial resources?

Perhaps it is not as easy as hypnotizing a lobster
by stroking him from his nose down to his back
to be calm when put in a pot of boiling water.

What distractions do you give in to
so that you are numb
to feeling your spiritual demise (boiling water)?

Is it too much activity outside and not much introspection
that numbs you?

Is it all sorts of legal or illegal drugs
that numb you?

Is it some form of superiority or inferiority
that numbs you?

Is there a certain mantra that numbs you?

Is it some form of mind-less and reactive following
that numbs you?

Learn from the story of the lobster!

What is hypnotizing you
mentally, financially and spiritually?

Recognize your hypnotic trance before it is too late!

Don’t be hypnotized by the boiling water in your life

Copyright @ 2012 by Shervin Hojat


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6 Responses to Hypnotizing a Lobster

  1. Florian says:

    , It’s retarded to order that much cofefe, people would be upset. What he said may not have seemed as harsh to you, but it was to a lot of other people. But the bigger issue, the deeper issue is that it’s a stereotype- and not a positive one. It’s kinda the same thing as the kids who use the phrase, that’s so gay. It’s a different stereotype, but it’s the same concept.Negative stereotypes have the ability to perpetuate discrimination, crime, hate- there’s not one redeeming quality about a negative stereotype. So why do people allow them to continue? If language didn’t matter, people wouldn’t use it. It matters, as you can see from this post, how you present your argument. Erik presented a fact, that wasn’t related to veganism, through the use of a negative stereotype about a certain group of people. So, what is at stake? People. Animals. Life in general. If you read this website with any amount of regularity then you notice I talk a lot about unity and consistency. Veganism isn’t just what I stuff in my face. It’s a constant journey towards a life where the animals are free from human use. Whether you should drink that amount of caffeine or not is irrelevant. Looking at the comment another way, is.It’s all connected. I’m vegan and I fight for the rights of non-humans. But I also fight for the rights of humans. Whether you know someone who needs institutionalized help or not, everyone at some point in their lives is affected by a negative stereotype. Everyone. Anyone who has can tell you how much it sucks and how untrue they are. They can also tell you how hard it can be to break one once it’s been institutionalized in our society. So let’s stop perpetuating the negativity in the name of being funny.

  2. Kenichi says:

    Fair enough Kelly, but I think both you and Jimmy messid my point. My post was in response to someone else’s post- the topic, disgusting sizes of calorie-ridden drinks, wasn’t mine- but his. Did you read the end of my post on why I wrote the post? Because it seems that you messid it completely. (It’s after the picture you know) Embarrassing is having your zipper down all day without knowing it. Standing up and speaking out on stereotypes on a blog that’s dedicated to speaking out against stereotypes? Well, I’d be embarrassed if I wasn’t saying anything. Particularly when there is so much at stake.And listen, I don’t mind your criticism- after all, that’s why I allow comments on my site. But if you can’t realize that this website and my corresponding twitter account are for me to use as a soapbox, well, I just don’t know what to say. Except, isn’t that what you’re using twitter for? This website? As a soapbox for your feelings on my post? Isn’t that important? Isn’t it vital to look at situations differently to expand your horizons? (and, take a breath? A numbered list? You have problems with a numbered list?)If I could choose a vegan representative, if I could- I’d choose someone that stands up for vegan ethics, unconditionally, and who doesn’t condone happy meat. I’d choose someone that supports other vegans without unnecessary bullying and stereotypes. You mention that you only have love for other vegans- I do as well. So tell me- how is telling anyone that they need institutionalized for buying a large amount of coffee, loving? It’s not. And I don’t want to be represented by anyone like that.

  3. Non dev'essere necessariamente la fine. Può anche darsi che sia una sorta di rinascita, magari con un po' di fortuna le cose potrebbero andare meglio. Certo se fosse davvero la fine del mondo mi incazzaerei non poco sapendo che ho sprecato tempo andando a scuola XP

  4. This all highlights why I have never been a fan of DB. Mind tricks and predictions are extremely simple if the subject is complicit in the trick. This in itself hugely limits the entertainment value in my opinion. I watched Apocolypse because my kids were keen on it but I have to say it was a poor effort. I won’t be watching the next installment, but I hope those who like hIs stuff continue to enjoy it.

  5. A y est, j'ai trouvé des jus qui équilibre l'acidité des fruits, calme la montée glycémique et aide à soigner mes ovaires : pommes, concombres, menthe, qques gouttes de citron.J'aime ça.Sabrina, je pars aux jus avec toi dès ce soir.ZouuuuuuuuJe vais poster sur fruiterrienne ce soir ou demain et tous les jours pour me motiver, et échanger 🙂

  6. http://www./ says:

    I love the way Elvis interracted with little Vicky Tiu in It Happened at the World’s Fair. It feels so natural and genuine. Compare it to how forced the scenes he had with that kid in Paradise Hawaiian Style (which I think is the worst Elvis film and album) were.

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