Feeling Vs Being

For many us, including myself, our known and safe world is changing rapidly. Many of our hidden fears are coming to surface to be resolved and we may feel overwhelmed due to them. The good news is that in middle of what appears to be very chaotic, we can have a positive impact.

It is important to express how you feel and keep a boundary between who you are with what you are feeling.

When I say, “I am sad” I am stating a state of permanent being which I am re-enforcing with my word and associated emotion. When I say “I feel sad” I am expressing and acknowledging my feeling. If you repeat the words “I am sad” and “I feel sad” they have a different energy.

Next time, when you are alone or talking with a friend instead of saying:

– I am sad
– I am tired
– I am a failure
– I am not lovable


– I feel sad
– I feel tired
– I feel like a failure
– I feel not loved

It is OK to feel sad, angry, tired, worthless and as a failure. This is part of our human experience. These feelings are indicators of what we desire and expressing them are part of path to our emotional and spiritual growth.

Feel those feelings lovingly without judgement. Listen to them as a caring parent listens to a child that needs to be heard and acknowledged.

Remember, you are much more than what you feel. Do not confuse your feelings with state of your being.

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