Dark Night of the Soul

When you are in the dark night of your soul, almost everything that you believed in may be challenged. Everything that you may have spent so much time on, you may let go of. You may doubt everything and everyone. Everything may lose its meaning and pleasure. It is death of old self and what you knew.

It is Ok. Stay in the doubt and feel the fear, the grief and the emptiness with courage and without blaming anyone or anything.

When you are empty, even though it is very scary, it has a great positive side to it.  You do not have to defend or protect anything or anyone anymore. It is a great freedom if you recognize it.

Ask the Universe for the ‘truth’ of who you are and your soul path to be shown.

Ask the Universe to show you ‘truth’ of lessons you are supposed to learn.

Ask the energies within you that are not uplifting to be transformed with ease.

Plant seeds of your new life, with wisdom and compassion.

Remember, it is always darkest before the Sun rise.

Copyright @ 2016 by Shervin Hojat


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