Void Within

Sometimes the urge for connection and closeness is so intense and deeply rooted that we may unconsciously do anything to feel connected.  We may socialize with friends who are not in our best interest. We may allow people to literally “suck” our energy so that we feel liked and loved.

Most of the time, we may not be aware of this subconscious urge to feel connected and the reason for it (avoiding the void within).  By avoiding the void within we may do things to feel wanted. We may find people to “fix”, have children, or get a pet to distract us.

What do you do to feel connected and needed? What situations make you feel connected? Are you aware of this urge within?

Running from the Void Within

Lost and lonely
in the crowded field
not knowing what was driving him

for connection in the vastness
to fill in his emptiness.

Craving to be seen and noticed
noticing everyone.
hoping for a meager notice in return.

Strategy is to
lure someone close enough
to be seen and feel connected.

Knowing he will be devoured
at least they need to get close to him for that!

Knowing the encounter is not in his best interest.

Yet something within him has a strong pull.

They take his energy
He sacrifices himself.

Interaction with others helps him fill the void within!

What he looks for
is closer than he thinks.

He embraces the void within.

Out of which
strength, wisdom and
vision of who he really is emerges.

Copyright @2013 by Shervin Hojat

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