Let go?

Have you ever had an encounter with raccoons?  I am fascinated by raccoons.  I became interested in raccoons when I was camping inOklahoma.  They visited our supplies one night and had a great feast.  We had made sure our supplies were secure. They kept testing our resolve the following nights.

I started admiring raccoons. I even painted a raccoon to express how much I admire their nature.  They are smart, curious, creative, and focused.  These are also some attributes that are required to succeed in today’s world.

A couple of days ago I learned how raccoons can be trapped.  I was puzzled and disappointed by it.  When they reach for a shiny object through a small hole, they cannot let go of it even when their life is on the line.   The object and the paw around it do not go through the hole and becomes a trap for the animal.

This knowledge made me wonder how these raccoons may relate to us as human beings.  We are in general smart, curious and are creative.  What are the shiny objects in our lives that we hold on to our detriment?  Is it anger, hate,  greed, stubbornness, judgment, victim-hood, self importance, feeling superior or feeling inferior?

I am street smart and extremely creative.

I have dexterous hands.

I love putting my feet and hands in water
it makes them sensitive
and helps me to feel my food better.

I can open lids, latches and door knobs.

I am a problem solver and love to explore.

I hide behind my mask.

Some consider me magical and mystical.

Some say that I am hiding from my true self.

I am extremely focused.

You would love to have me running your projects
I get it done!

I love shiny objects.

When I see a shiny object
I need to touch it
inside or outside a trap!

I hold on to shiny objects
 and do not let them go
which can lead to my demise.

I am street smart, cute, and extremely creative.

My greatest weakness is not letting go.

What is your weakness?

Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Adriana says:

    You know how movie stars go out and do outrageous thnigs so they can get back in the limelight? Well, I’m thinking the raccoon wanted some more blog time… and he got it… LOL

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