How to Love Yourself More?

Why is that we may love and respect others more than ourselves? Why is it that we are kinder and gentler with others than ourselves?

Although typically we are harder on ourselves, this does not answer the above question.

Have you met someone who appears to be “perfect” and you do not like them because they do not come across real? Have you met someone who has many flaws and you connect with them because they come across real?

Why do you not treat yourself with love, respect and kindness?  Perhaps you see through your own facade that you are putting up to be liked or are pretending to be somebody that you are not. Perhaps you hide and ignore your feelings and vulnerabilities. Perhaps you do not like dishonesty and do not like to hide. Maybe you want to love the real you with all the beauty and flaws without fear and shame.

The big question is how to love and respect yourself more?

As you become honest with yourself regarding your feelings, be it anger, hurt, fear or love you will appreciate and respect yourself more for your honesty, vulnerability and courage.

As you find and acknowledge your true passions and things that you do not care about, you will acknowledge and love yourself more.

Finally, as you become comfortable in your imperfect body, and you do not choose to be anyone but yourself despite your flaws and shortcomings, you will be on path of loving  and respecting yourself more.

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