Emotional Honesty

Do we go overboard by being too positive or negative? Do you answer every question “great” without checking how you really feel?

You may read the energy of people without them speaking a word on how they feel. They may say they are doing great without getting in touch with their feelings first. There are people who dwell so much in their feelings that it paralyzes their system. We need to identify, feel and accept our emotions. Practice acknowledging what you feel. At first it may just be sensations in your body. Then verbalize how you would like that feeling transmuted.

Emotional Honesty

Are you honest toward others?

Are you honest with yourself?

Some people let everyone know how they feel
by dumping their emotions
without permission.

Some people hide behind positive words
no matter what they are feeling.

They may feel anger, sadness, fear or numbness
yet they will tell you they are OK or doing great!

They start emotional dishonesty for themselves by
not naming their feelings.

Later on they may feel “confused” by what they feel.

When they feel OK
are they in reality feeling anger, sadness or something else?

What is the solution?

Express how you feel openly
and what you desire the outcome to be:

I feel my fearfulness and I choose to be courageous.

I feel my vulnerability and I choose to surrender to the Divine.

I feel my tiredness and I choose to be energetic.

I feel loneliness and I choose to connect with the Divine.

I feel my joyfulness and I choose to share it with you.

Copyright @2013 by Shervin Hojat

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