Sources of Agitations

Why you are agitated? What are behind your fear and sadness?

“I feel I am worthless”, “I feel I am not lovable”, and “God has forgotten about me”

Wow, these are hurtful beliefs.  I can understand how it has created lots of frustration, anger and fear in you since deep down you know they are not true.

It seems that you have lost your trust in yourself and forgotten who you are.

These beliefs are like a double edged sword.

Do you know that these false beliefs have been motivation for you to prove the opposite? Hence you have excelled in many things.

Unfortunately the same beliefs create constant stress in you – for you to prove yourself to be worthy constantly, which does not leave much space for joy and laughter.

These beliefs are sucking your life energy and have created a big hole within.

The emptiness is frightening when you are alone and not doing “worthwhile” things. Hence you keep yourself busy to avoid those feelings.

When things are going well, you are only happy for a short time.

When things are challenging, you feel helpless and vulnerable. Those voices are heard louder and more frequently.

You do not understand the reasons for experiencing those challenges and you judge them. You take it as your fault and believe the thoughts: “You are not worthy”, “You are not lovable”, and “You are a failure”.

You may not know the reasons for all the events in your life and how they fit together. You may not be able to control many of events that are happening.

However, there is some things you can control.

It is how you react and what you accept and believe.

You can rebel against hurtful lies and half-truths that you have accepted.

This is the biggest success you can achieve in your life.

STOP THE LIES NOW!  Observe your thoughts.

You are valuable. You are worthy of love. You are already a success.

Act based on the new beliefs and observe how gradually magic happens in your life.

Copyright @ 2016 by Shervin Hojat

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