Understand why certain patterns in your life keep repeating.

Understand your sources of struggle and pain.

Confirm and validate your intuition.

Understand your emotional needs.

Become aware of hot buttons in your relationships.

Know your gifts and your life lessons.

Find out how to make the best of what you have.

Surprise yourself with unexpected insights about yourself.

Throughout the ages, the eyes have been known as the windows to the soul, and modern behavioral research is proving this adage to be true.  A RealEyes reading opens that window for you now. If you look closely at the iris of the eye, you will notice small, dark dots, light streaks or rounded openings in the fibers. These characteristics provide the key to unlocking the mysteries of your personality. The types of markings, their precise location, and variations between the left and right eye are directly correlated with different personality traits.

Most of the patterns in your eyes are present at birth. This means, from birth, we are carrying soul energy to experience certain events/experiences. It is our choice how we respond and interpret our interactions with parents, family and friends.  Your RealEyes reading will identify the major energies that you chose to experience in your life and how to utilize your gifts and lessons in a conscious way.

What can you learn from your reading?

  • Improve your relationship with your self
    • What are you inner child’s needs?
    • Knowing yourself  by what you deeply desire is crucial to your well being
    • Get confirmation of what you may have already felt, sensed and not been able to verbalize
  • Discover how to bring more joy and harmony in your life
    • Are there some areas in your life that are difficult or you have simply given up on them?
    • What limiting beliefs do you have that impact experiencing more joy?
    • Are you OK with receiving? Do you allow yourself to receive? What experiences have you had that receiving is not safe?
  • Improve your relationship with your partner, family and friends
    • How your relationships with your parents as a child are now impacting your other relationships as an adult
    • Are certain interactions with people continuing to repeat themselves?
    • Why don’t you feel close to people?
  • Find out your gifts and life lessons
    • Do you know what gifts you have?
    • Are you utilizing your gifts fully?
    • What are the shadow sides of your gift that you need to be aware of?
    • How are your gifts and lessons impacting your career and relationships?
  • Find out ancestral energies that relate to you
    • What ancestral energies requires resolution?
    • Who is the ancestor?
  • Understand the blueprint of  your personality
    • Understand how you have chosen to survive
    • What are some beliefs that you are holding on to?
    • Discover how you can thrive

What is the RealEyes reading process?

After choosing a reading package and payment, you will receive Shervin a questionnaire and a request to set an appointment (in Austin, Texas) to take pictures of your eyes with a special, high resolution camera (takes about 10 minutes). You will receive pictures of both eyes as a part of the reading. For many, this may be the first time that they have looked at the pattern of their own eye’s iris.

After examination of your eyes, a one hour personal consultation to share and verify insights from your eye’s pictures will be scheduled.  You may be asked to focus and ponder on some relevant issues that have been revealed in your eyes to discuss in follow-up consultations, if you desire. You will also receive an MP3 recording of your consultation(s).

Usually, deep insights from a RealEyes reading cannot be assimilated all at once and follow up consultations within a couple of weeks are encouraged. It is recommended that you listen to your RealEyes MP3 recording, reflect on the issues that resonate with you and send your questions for your follow up consultations. Follow up consultations include answering questions you may have, more in depth reading of your eye’s iris patterns (there is so much information there), and finding and customizing ways to support your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Contact Shervin at for an eye opening and exciting session.



“Having never been exposed to this sort of work (my wife is all into this sort of thing but I’m not), I was a bit, OK a lot, skeptical.  But Shervin immediately put me at ease and we easily connected due to both having engineering backgrounds.  And the information he gave me as a result of looking at my irises was nothing short of shocking.  It was as if he had gotten into my mind and pulled out the thoughts I didn’t even know were there.  He told me things that there was no way he could have known about my background.  I told my wife when I called to tell her how it went, “I could talk for a week and not be through telling you how amazing the insight was from this.”  Shervin made a believer out of me and I have already used the information in transformational ways in my life.  Don’t walk, run to have a session with Shervin.  You won’t regret it.” ~C. McAllister, Austin, TX  

“Having my eyes read by Shervin was a fascinating experience.  He pointed out that I have been ignoring and repressing my emotional side for a long time.  And while I kind of knew this, Shervin went a level deeper, and gave me some suggestions of things I could do to reverse that trend, and also some suggestions from my history (written in my eye) about why I might be doing this.  He also told me about some of my strengths, like my dominant left eye, which accounts for my strength in getting things done.  And my good listening and verbal skills.  I appreciated that he cautioned how those verbal skills are so powerful that I need to be careful of being overly sharp with others.  All in all, I received some excellent insights, and would recommend anyone with even the slightest interest to go ahead and have their eye read by Shervin.” ~ Aleks, Austin TX

“Dear Shervin, Thank you for analyzing and discussing my eye patterns with me. I never realized how many structures and different possible patterns there are in eyes. And it was amazing that my eyes matched closely with a pattern identified in your reference book. You picked up on a lot of my thought, feeling and behavior patterns from your analysis. I had no idea that so much is revealed in the eyes. One of the first things I will work on is the resentment you identified from the reddish dots on the inner portions of the whites of my eyes. I appreciate your calm, patient exploration, and your sharing of what you have learned about yourself from this study.
I recommend you highly.” ~Kathryn B., Austin TX

“My behavioral iridology session with you Shervin was nothing short of miraculous.  You saw things that I truly have struggled with since I was in the womb.  And yet, you provided simple answers to those challenges that I have been able to implement since the moment I left our appointment.  I have discovered myself weaving those solutions in and out of a number of various aspects in my life.  The eyes really do have all the answers, thank you for providing those answers to me!” ~Julie McAllister, The Divine Connector,

“I didn’t think that there could be that much information about a person just from reading their eyes, but it was surprisingly accurate.  This short eye reading gave me insight to a private side of myself that I had been out of touch with for a long time.  It was refreshing and validating to remember myself seen in that light.  I also was reminded again of the struggles that I face on a daily basis and how they affect my life.  All of the feedback that I received has left me with a desire to learn more about the technique and to get a more in depth analysis.” ~ MG, Austin, Texas

“Shervin’s analysis of my eye patterns was so on target that it was beyond belief! By looking at and analyzing my eyes, he was able to tell me things about myself that I thought were deeply hidden and unknown and mysterious. I was able to discover strengths and qualities about myself. He was able to reveal my pain reaching all the way back to my childhood years. Thank you, Shervin for sharing your talent and wisdom with me in this very cutting edge and exciting venture.” ~ M.J.C., Denton, TX

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