Yes and No With Ease

Some people have a tendency to sacrifice themselves for other’s comfort while ignoring their own needs. Under stress, overwhelmed and/or unappreciated, in many cases the only time they take care of their needs are when they have severe health problems due to their own neglect and sacrifice.
If you can relate with the above paragraph, there is a simple remedy for you. Practice saying no. It is probably very difficult for you to say no to others. You most likely will hear a voice in your head saying: “What if they call me selfish? What if they do not like me?”

In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is important to have a healthy and rested gardener to take care of our trees and plants in our garden within. Is there much joy in a garden that has a sick, burned out, overwhelmed gardener?  The poem below describes this concept further.

Yes and No With Ease
I say
yes and no
with ease.
I say yes because I love you.
I say no because I love and care for myself.
I say yes because I enjoy doing for you.
I say no because I am overcommitted.
I say yes because doing for you lifts my heart.
I say no because I need to protect myself.
I say yes because I love to help you.
I say no to teach you to become independent.
I say yes
not because of guilt.
I say no
because I look at the big picture.
I say yes to help you create your inner peace.
I say no to create my own inner peace.
Yes and no are two sides of a coin.
Heads or tails?
I say
yes and no
with ease.
Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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