What is the Outcome?

Do you believe that we create and sustain our own reality?  Do you believe that subconsciously or consciously we choose what we experience in our life?
We may intellectually agree that we mostly create and sustain the reality that we choose to experience.  When we focus on any idea with intense emotion, we allow it manifest in our reality.  Motivated people who are focused have accomplished many seemingly impossible tasks.  How can they accomplish what many consider impossible?  Don’t they keep playing their desired outcome in their mind? 
Let us take a look at our own focus on outcomes.  Do we focus on our friend’s/mate’s desirable or undesirable attributes?  Perhaps we are upset with our mate for not doing the “correct” things (more exercise, more help at home, etc).    Perhaps whenever we see our mate we get a tape recorder playing in our head saying that he/she is not exercising or he/she is not helping at home.  We may be frustrated at the situation and have decided not to say anything – since we have expressed our concern many times before.  In such a situation, we actually re-affirm their behavior (perhaps subconsciously).  Basically, what we pay attention to becomes our reality and then we wonder why the situation does not change.
There is something that we can do to help ourselves and others.  We can focus on what we would like the current situation to turn into and consciously replay it in our head.  Consider the difference between saying and replaying in our head: my spouse does not exercise (fact); versus I empower myself to help my spouse to reach her/his optimal health goals.  The first statement, a fact, may have a tone of judgment (wrong/right) and the second statement, seemingly trivial, increases our awareness to support our spouse rather than just focusing on our spouse’s challenge.  The second statement also opens the possibility that “our” way of helping our spouse may not be the only way (takes out the ego from this issue).
In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is important to focus on our desired result (outcome) rather than just focusing on the challenge.
What is the Outcome?
We co-create our reality.
Our words combined with
our feelings act as a decree.
A decree is accepted by our subconscious
and attracts experiences matching our decree.
Angry words stating
“I can’t” is a strong decree
which attracts experiences of helplessness and neediness.
Repetition of words
even undesirable facts
reinforces the current situation.
State the undesirable facts and
state with emotion
 what you wish the alternative to be.
Some alternative statements can be:
I can fully
take care of my own needs.
I wonder how I can find out.
I empower myself to feel peaceful within.
I help others
to remember their own beauty within.
I choose to make it fun and easy.
What reality are you co-creating and/or
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