Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day the focus is on relationship and if we feel successful in this important area. Although flowers and chocolates maybe by-product of close relationship, it does not paint for us the entire picture of a successful relationship. We need to go beyond the surface.

Our soul seeks deep relationships to be happy and thrive. Our deep and soul based relationship maybe with a spouse, partner, family member or a good friend. Sometimes this close relationship is with a pet or nature.

Take inventory of who you are intimate and vulnerable with and can easily share your deepest desires, thoughts and feelings. If there is someone in your life, congratulations!

If not, start sharing your thoughts and feeling with yourself on piece of paper without judgement. Be a good listener! This is the first step of being in an intimate relationship, which starts with yourself!

In any case, do not take any important relationship for granted. Invest time in it and be attentive. Have courage to be vulnerable. You will get out of any relationship what you put in.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Copyright @ 2016 by Shervin Hojat

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