It seemingly is a hectic world.  You try to work hard and take care of your bills and obligations.  You may be one of those people who can focus on a task so hard, be it at home or at work that you forget about eating or sleeping.  You may be one of those people whom others rely upon and trust that you will deliver what you promise.
The challenge many of us run into is to remember to take some time off and connect with ourselves and the Divine.  It is necessary for us to sit back and re-connect to our source of energy and clarity.   We may take classes, do exciting projects, take care of our family, and do many good activities and have a full schedule.  When we are not in the moment and are not connected with ourselves and the Divine, our good deeds and efforts turn into a “good” addiction which no longer is fun and joyful.
In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is not healthy that we plow our fields constantly with our tractors.  Sometimes we need to shut down the tractor and walk aimlessly in the fields or dance to the song of nature without any specific goals in mind.
How would you know when you need to take some time off?  The indicators vary from individual to individual.  For some, it is when they feel tired or exhausted no matter what they do.  For some, it is when other people’s behaviors or actions become unusually upsetting.  For some, it is when their mind is too preoccupied.  For some, it is when they judge self or others harshly.  For many, it is when they stop having fun.  The poem below illustrates this concept further.
Get out of your mind’s traps.
Lighten up.
Let go of illusions.
The world won’t end if you take a break.
You are here to thrive
not just to survive.
no matter how much you accomplish
there is always much more to do.
For a couple of minutes
drop all thoughts of the things that
you have to do,
are responsible to do,
are expected to do…
Take a deep breath.
Ignore the noises in your head.
Let them be.
Re-live the silence of a meditation.
Listen to your heartbeat
you may be taking for granted.
Feel the divine energy
 flowing through your body.
Feel the tingly sensations
in your head, hands and heart.
Pay attention to the miracle of cells in your body
working lovingly to sustain you.
Give thanks for the organs in your body
tirelessly working
to keep you alive and happy.
Feel the loving hands of mother Earth
under your feet.
Touch a tree and feel
the loving energy it radiates.
Feel the loving energy of the sun
on your face.
Recall the energy of your loving mother
holding you.
Recall the passions you had
as a child.
Recall the times that you
felt connected.
Take deep breath
unplug for a bit
and be.
Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat

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