Take My Pain Away

by Shervin on June 5, 2017

Sometimes we want our emotional pain such as grief, betrayal or fear to be taken away by the Universe and we wonder why it is not so. As a result, we may feel disappointed and discouraged.

If you have dealt with children, there are times that children need to learn to walk or ride a bike.  It is not easy to watch them fall down and experience pain. This does not mean that we do not love them. Actually we love them enough to allow them to learn and grow. As parents, family or friends, we are next to them supporting them in their journey.

The emotional pain that you are experiencing maybe similar to emotional pain of a child learning to walk as he/she falls down. At first, it may feel awkward, scary and overwhelming. With time, as we learn and grow the pain diminishes.

You most likely have people around you, who like parents, cannot take your emotional pain away and yet are supporting you on your journey. Take a note of family, old and new friends and strangers who are showing up in your life to bless and support you in your precious journey.

Remember, you are loved and you are not alone.

Copyright @ 2017 by Shervin Hojat

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