Stretching Our Comfort Zone

At times we need to stretch our comfort zone. Why?

Because magnified joy, growth and feeling of more aliveness are steps away from our comfort zone.

I experienced this concept during my trip to Costa Rica.

My son and I had pre-planned to visit several places. We also did several unplanned activities while there.

When I reflect on some of the highlights of our trip, the unplanned ones which stretched my comfort zone were the most memorable.

Getting up before 6 am and going out in nature was very relaxing and helped me with beautiful pictures of birds and animals that I was not expecting to see.

Getting out of my comfort zone, with encouragement from my son, hiking to a waterfall with the use of ropes were challenging and very memorable.

Taking an unplanned tour with ATVs was at first frightening which also was very memorable and invigorating.

Plan what you desire to do, but be open to stretch your comfort zone, the bigger magic resides steps away from that.

What areas of your life do you need to stretch your comfort zone?

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