Sources of Energy Drain

We have a finite amount of energy and we need to preserve our energy as much as possible.

The higher our energy, the more loving, happy and calm we are. We are also more productive in such a state.

I have found  that the things I enjoy doing not only does not drain my energy but amplifies my energy.

I have also have  found the things that I resist and avoid drain my energy.

We can drain our energy by ourselves (thoughts and certain behaviors)  or drop our guards and allow others tap into our energy.

What are some energy drains?

  • Lack of self-care.
  • Not honoring your wishes.
  • Doubting yourself.
  • Not letting go of thinking of a problem or an argument.
  • Thoughts and ideas that create fear and worry.
  • Co-dependency (your happiness depends on happiness of others).
  • Anger and complaints.
  • Judgement and jealousy.

We need to be on our guards when we are tired, hungry or thirsty. This is time to pause doing what we are doing and take care of our needs first.

Self-care  (physically ,emotionally and spiritually) is one of the most important commitment we need to honor.

What are sources of your energy drain?

How well do you self-care?

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