Soul Window

Our eyes are windows to our soul. Many people feel uncomfortable having eye contact due to cultural or personal preferences.  It also may reflect something deeper.

If you are in a relationship and have not had a chance to gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes recently, this could be an indication of a lack of desire to connect deeply with that person.  Is there something unconscious occurring that you are avoiding?  Are you interested to find the root cause?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by trying to gaze into your partner’s eye for at least ten to twenty seconds and expose your soul to the other person.

Window to My Soul

Will I let you in through my eyes?

Will I open the door to my soul?

Will I lower the erected walls?

Will I allow your presence void of words?

Will I allow the dance of two souls void of judgment?

Will I allow the dance of two souls void of past stories?

Will I merge with you and
still be me?

Will I let go of the old
and build a new?

Will I see you in a new light?

Copyright @ 2013 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Pierre says:

    You are correct of csuroe but this test is for all the people who think they will make it into Heaven on a scale of goodness . The test just illustrates what would qualify a person as being good enough in Gods eyes to get into Heaven according to His standard. You must be perfect in thoughts, words and deeds from birth to death with zero flaws. It is an impossible standard to meet on a scale of goodness and that is the whole point. Without Jesus, there is NO HOPE for salvation at all for any human.

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