Shut it Off Until …

Imagine you ask your voice assistant, “What is the weather forecast?” It tells you  that it is not good!

Imagine you ask your smart scale, “How am I doing with my weight?” It tells you that you are still fat!

Imagine you ask your GPS for a new direction (you took a wrong turn) and it asks you why you are so dense?

Imagine you ask your voice assistance, “What is my bank account balance?” It tells you that you will be in the streets soon!

At times I ask Siri about San Diego weather and it tells me “its opinion” of good/bad/gloomy. It frustrates me! There are enough people with opinions, I do not need opinion of software on top of that. I just need the facts to plan my day. I like rainy days!

I think most people would not like to hear opinions of a software (or people), especially when it is a negative judgement.

For smart devices we can stop asking their opinions by not using them.

But there is one ‘smart’ device that sadly does the same thing 24×7 and we are OK with it. As a result we suffer tremendously.

That is our ‘smart’ ego!

Our smart ego, like a smart device, is  a program (environment, family ..) whose main function is to give us facts to survive, but instead gives us opinions!

Sadly the programs were mostly downloaded/created when we were a child. Imagine if a child wrote your phone software. How much can you rely on it?

We typically do not listen to everything a voice assistance says, but we entertain every thought produced by our smart ego!

The fact is that we are not responsible to answer every query or react to repeated complaints by our smart ego.

If we are feeling miserable, most likely our smart ego is giving us opinions instead of facts!

Think about times that you felt down. Whose opinion were you listening to?

Perhaps it is time to shut off the smart ego until it provides only facts and not recycled opinions.

Copyright @2021 by Shervin Hojat


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