Rocks – Welcome The Conflicting Companions

One of the major rocks in our garden within may be the belief that we should expect only “pleasant” things in our life and react negatively to unpleasant events in life when they happen. Although no-one wants to go through unnecessary suffering, it is universally understood that experiencing opposites is a major force of growth and understanding. When we have a belief that welcomes both dualities, this can bring more joy and understanding to our life.
Welcome The Conflicting Companions
Welcome the conflicting companions together,
each exists because of the other.
Welcome both confusion and understanding,
understanding is born from confusion.
Welcome both joy and sorrow,
joy is born from sorrow.
Welcome both victory and defeat,
victory is born from defeat.
Welcome both hope and despair,
hope is born from despair.
Welcome both night and day,
day is born from night.
Welcome both life and death,
life is born from death.
Sometimes the only way to deeply appreciate one
is to experience the other.
Copyright 2009 @ by Shervin Hojat

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