Reminders to self

Everyone is under stress and they have unique way of dealing with their own stress.

Our coping mechanisms are different. Some coping mechanism are stickier (negatively impacts others more) than others.

We all are feeling fear, anger, regret, grief during this challenging times and nobody is immune to such feelings.

The only control we have is to manage our own reactions and reality with awareness and practice.

Some points that I am often reminded of:

  • Be patient and loving toward yourself.
  • Have the same patience and love toward others.
  • Ask for what you need without being abrasive or angry.
  • Be supportive of others. Simple things matter.
  • Do not expect others to behave the same way you do. Your behavior may be annoying to others too.
  • When you feel angry, remember that most likely the root of your anger is from past that has not been resolved.
  • Many opinions are based on fear, greed or ignorance. Question them – even your own.
  • Let your heart and intuition guide you. Use your mind as a tool.
  • Find time to be quiet with yourself.
  • Just be. Not this way or that way.
  • Be humble. Do not take things personally.
  • There is a great joy in giving. Give with minimum expectation.
  • Take time to be grateful for past and present from depth of your heart. Let the tears of joy come down.
  • There is a great strength in honesty and feeling vulnerable.  Go with it.
  • Everyone has an agenda. Are you aware of your own agenda without judgement?
  • Do not panic. This shall pass. You will be stronger as the result.

My friends, you matter and you are needed. Be the highest vibration that you can be.

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