If we review our major life events, we may observe many patterns that have been repeating themselves. We may be experiencing repeated hurtful patterns of relationships with our mates, friends or bosses for the past ten, twenty or thirty years. As an adult, after an unpleasant experience, we do not take enough time to evaluate our unpleasant experiences for many reasons. We may want to postpone remembering the experience, or we do not know how to analyze the situation, or we just hope it goes away. Rarely does what we push away, ignore or hide in our subconscious disappear. The unresolved issues will re-incarnate themselves in our lives until we acknowledge and address them.

In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is important to pause and ponder if we repeatedly have difficulty growing flowers and fruit trees in our garden. It is necessary to be aware of those conditions that create undesirable results in our garden within and take corrective actions to improve the outcome.

It is necessary, for short periods of time, to reflect on our past to get an understanding of the repeating patterns in our lives. Becoming aware of those repeating patterns is the first step in stopping the re-incarnation of those undesirable events in our lives. The poem below illustrates how the many hurts, trauma and miseries in our lives keep re-incarnating themselves.

Irrespective of one’s belief systems
many things in our current lives are being repeated
over and over.
Many call this a type of re-incarnation.
There are many people who do not believe in re-incarnation.
There are many more
who do believe in re-incarnation.
When you focus on and re-live the unresolved hurt you had years ago
the current hurt is a re-incarnation of the misery experienced years ago
born again today.
When you avoid resolving a major trauma you experienced years ago
it comes back to you each time you push away.
The trauma is a re-incarnation of the experience of years ago
born again today.
When you, as an adult, are still in the state of
the victim mentality and helplessness of a child
the victim mentality and helplessness is a re-incarnation
of the childhood experiences
born again today.
When you ignore the lessons of past failed relationships
having the same types of relationships with different partners
is a re-incarnation of past relationships
born again today.
When you dive into your worries of the future
the next month, year, or ten years
the future worry, thoughts of potential hurt and un-certainty
are a re-incarnation of a possible future
born today.
Why do we re-incarnate our hurt, anger and victimhood
over and over?
Why do we let the yesterdays and unlived tomorrows
control what we experience today?
Why do we let the yesterdays and possible tomorrows
cast a dark shadow on now?
Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat

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