We all have taken classes in the past.  During the class, we or our classmates may have asked a question that had no answer, but the question itself caught your attention and caused you to seek answers on your own.  On the other hand, perhaps you have attended a class where eloquent questions and detailed answers were provided, but they really did not do anything to raise your curiosity.
In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is important to ask the right questions when dealing with issues pertaining to our garden within.  The right questions may be, “Why do I insist on having certain fruit trees?  What flowers do not grow in my garden within and why?  Why I do not enjoy the fruits of my garden within?  What are my resistances to having a more beautiful garden within?” 
It is necessary to be aware of why we ask or do not ask certain questions.  Sometime we use questions to distract ourselves from asking the right question that may have a great impact on us.  Our ego does not like to be challenged or threatened.  Therefore it tries to provide us questions that seem deep, spiritual, and eloquent with a hidden agenda of securing its position and survival.  The poem below further illustrates some typical questions that we may ask.
We ask many questions in our life time.
Some questions have long answers, some short
and some
have no answers.
Some questions are a mental exercise
to avoid the real issues at hand.
Some questions may have answers but
serve no purpose.
Some questions may raise awareness but
answers may not be needed.
It is important to be aware and ask questions
that help us in our self growth journey.
Instead of asking
When will I find someone to make me happy?
one may ask
Why do I crave for someone else to make me happy?
Instead of asking
How or when will I die?
one may ask
How can I be more alive?
Instead of asking
What is their hidden agenda?
one may ask
How can I find out my own hidden agendas?
Instead of asking
How can I ignore my anger and hate?
one may ask
Why do I not want to face these deep emotions?
Instead of asking
What is the next step?
one may ask. 
How can I trust myself more?
Instead of asking
What will this get me?
one may ask
Where will this lead me?
Instead of asking
What should I learn next?
one may ask
What is driving me to learn?
Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat

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