Proper Prespective

Sometimes we need to look at our lives from a distance and put things in their proper perspective. This is especially required if we are on the go physically or mentally all the time.

There are two things that we need to constantly reflect on.

1- Check with yourself on what issues you are resentful of. Who you wished had behaved differently toward you? Are you upset with yourself? (How you may have made your life more difficult by avoiding certain issues.)

You may come up with a list of people, including yourself, who you are unhappy or disappointed with.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

Do you have more clarity about what is important to you due to those unpleasant issues? Can you be grateful for the role those people played in clarifying them for you?

Were you ready emotionally, or physically to do what was a “right” thing then? If not, can you forgive yourself or other person? Why not?

2- Make a list of simple things in your life that brings you joy. This could be plants, animals, morning coffee, talking and laughing with friends, meal with friends, hobbies, interacting with friend or family members.

It is important that in our quiet moments, we energetically acknowledge all those that bring us joy. We also need to let people (around us) know how much we appreciate their presence and how they enrich our lives.

If you do such an exercise, you may notice how your energy shifts to a higher vibration and you realize how rich your life already is.


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