Preserving Your Life Energy

We have a finite amount of life energy.  The more joyful focused energy we have, the more we can create and manifest. Also, the higher vibration of energy we have, the easier we can experience joy.

Staying healthy mentally, emotionally and physically also require our life energy.

Losing our energy is alike losing integrity of our being. We cannot be manifest and function with joy when we have a low life energy.

Having no clear boundary and attachments are the biggest sources of energy loss.

Let us look at some examples that drain our life energy:

  • Staying in lower vibration energies such as fear, anger, hate, sorrow, regret, Jealousy and control.
  • Offering help when is not asked. We get upset when our help is rejected, or not appreciated.  Due to lack of boundary and our attachment to a specific response we lose our life energy.
  • Feeling sadness and grief of others and holding on those feelings as ours. This is different that feeling empathy and being lovingly unattached.
  • Wishing for an outcome. We plant the seed of that desire. But we attach our fears and doubts to that desire and outcome. This saps our energy and stops the seed from growing.

Imagine your energy is like a large battery with many wires tapped out from it. Each wire can be worry, doubt, control, anger, sadness or expectation. We observe main output of the battery and conclude that it does not produce (create) much. It does not – because they are so many wires drain all its energy.

Some questions to ponder:

Are you lovingly unattached most of the time?

What forms of attachments drain your energy?

How often do you experience joy during the day?

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