Present Moment

Present moment (Now), is a gateway to the future. We cannot bypass it.

If we are present, we can enjoy our food, otherwise it is a ritual that we receive no joy from it.

If we are present in a gathering, we can connect with our loved ones and friends, otherwise it is a ritual with very little joy in it.

Think of all of your pleasant memories. You remember them because you were present with it and lived it.

Our lives are a collection of present moments.  The amount of time that we are in the Now, is the amount of life we have lived.

There are certain activators that help us to become present. Some common activators are nature, meditation, breath work, gratitude, forgiveness, laughter, music and dance.

Those activators are means to prepare us to be present and be alive in all circumstances of our lives.

The goal is not to be the best meditator, nature walker or musician. Those are just some means in the art of living. The goal is to be present with every breath that we take.

It is not enough to smile while in nature and be angry in other places. If that happens it means we have confused the means with the goal and have not yet internalized the practice.

We can take a look at some typical activators in life:

  • The purpose of taking a class is not just getting a good grade. It is a means to think and apply the knowledge in our daily life and work.
  • The purpose of a pet is not just to take care of an animal and have a companion. It is a means to help us express our unconditional love in all aspects of our lives.

The ultimate test and question is, who are you, when you are not in nature, not meditating, not dancing or not listening to music or not with your pet?

Are you stuck in the past or are you worrying about future?  Or are you present and alive?

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