by Shervin on May 8, 2017

What is a prayer? How do you communicate and connect with the Universe?  What language do you use? What makes a prayer more effective?

I am contrasting two approaches to praying in this article.

Imagine image of someone praying by verbally begging in despair for something with the energy of helpless-ness and lack.

Another image can be a time travel (visualization) to the desired outcome and savoring and enjoying what is desired and welcoming it with gratitude.

Which one is more uplifting and takes care of your needs? Which one makes you feel more connected with the Universe? Which one creates more gratitude in you?

In one instance, we may feel separate from the Universe and waiting for a magic to happen.

In the other instance, we are co-creating with the Universe and experiencing the reality we desire. There is no ambiguity or misunderstanding in what we desire (no words). The language of our prayer is energy, visualization and associated feelings which by-passes our controlling mind.

Next time, instead of thinking of someone sick (typically sending lots of sadness toward them) and praying by begging for healing;  connect with the Universe, visualize that person healthy and visualize you are interacting with them in a joyful manner. Magnify the feeling of joy and gratitude in that visualization as already is happening.

Next time, instead of verbally asking for success for your project, visualize and feel that success is already happening, be grateful and feel your joy in that situation for one or two minutes.

Prayer can be exciting, connecting, uplifting and empowering.

Copyright @ 2017 by Shervin Hojat

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