Our Emotions

There are times we feel a strong emotion and we are surprised at its intensity. Have you ever asked whose emotion it is when you are in that situation?

Typically we assume all the source of our emotions are from within. Our source of our emotions are generally based on our experiences and our thought patterns. Sometimes what we feel has not originated from us. The source of some feelings are from our ancestors (through DNA) seeking resolution of those emotions.

Next time you have a strong emotional reaction and it is persistent, ask yourself if it is yours. Listen carefully what message it has for you. It may be from your ancestors!

Dialogue with Emotions

Intense feeling of Anger.

Intense feeling of Hurt.

Intense feeling of Grief.

Consuming the body.

“I am letting you go.

Go away I do not want you.”

The feelings are persistent!

“I have forgiven, why you are still here?

Are you mine?”

Anger and Sadness replied:

Feel us deep, with all your being.

Do not brush us away and judge us.

Feel what your mother and father felt deeply.

Feel what your ancestors felt.

You are the witness for their unresolved emotions.

You are feeling the depth of their emotions.

You now acknowledge what has not yet been acknowledged!

You are feeling us so your grandchildren will not have to experience those emotions.

Accept us, feel us deeply, and then let us go.

Free yourself, your ancestors and your future linage.

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