On Attachments

I have realized that peace within is obtained by surrender and non-attachment (lovingly unattached) to  specific outcomes.

This does not mean being lazy and not doing our best.  It means not getting our satisfaction only from a specific outcome. More specifically, dictating how things should happen so that we can be happy.

Last week, I was challenged with dealing with issues that did not meet my expectations, even though I had followed all the expected protocols. Such events remind me to observe my reactions, surrender to what is, be kind, and then  take actions in the moment.

Sometimes we do not know the level of our attachments until we are challenged to let go of them (expectations, people, concepts, things).

The more thought, energy  and work we put into something, there is potential for more attachments.

What we attach to, becomes part of our identity and who we are and letting it go becomes as if we are dying.

Sometimes we get attached to a concept such as not missing out an experience (life as a bigger picture).

As a result we hoard things, so that we can possibly enjoy them later and not miss out.

For example, we may own a book that we have not read for 20 years, but still do not read it or donate it!

Or a shirt we bought many years ago , we have never worn it and still are waiting for the right occasion to wear it!

The problem with this is that events can only be experienced in the now, not in the past or the future.

It Is like going on a trip and taking many pictures so that one day we can look at the pictures and finally enjoy our trip!

The problem with all forms of attachments is that we miss out on being in the present (either due to regret of the past or trying to protect for the future).

One may say that they are not attached to anything. Right! There are always rare exceptions.

Our amount of worry and energy into something  shows our attachment and point of focus.

It is our responsibility to evaluate what attachments we have and what attachments have served their purpose.

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