No Fear

It may be spiritually cool to say that we have no fear, or we have no anger or hate.  Is it really true that we do not have those feelings or we have chosen not to feel them?  If we are choosing not to feel our fear (or any negative emotion) how can we honestly say that we do not have it?
Does it make sense to say that a courageous person has no fear?  Fear is a natural response as a human being for our protection.  Is it possible for anyone truly alive not to encounter such a feeling?  If someone feels “no fear” is he/she courageous?
It is important to feel, embrace and name our emotions.  What we do with our feelings is of the most utmost importance.  If we feel our fear, and despite of that feeling do what is needed, that is true choice, free will and courageousness.  It is important to realize when we act based on our free will and courage, we are empowered and feel our joy much deeper.
In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is important to be aware of our feelings (food for our garden within) and utilize them to create consciously and manifest our highest choices and desires.  The poem below conveys this concept further.
No Fear
What does it mean to have no fear?
Do we really want to have no fear?
A dead person has no fear!
Do we choose to feel our fear?
Do we choose to listen to our fear?
Do we allow our fear to dominant our action?
Fear and courage dance together.
The first step of being courageous is
feeling and embracing our fear.
It takes courage
to say I feel my fear.
It takes courage
to do things despite our fears and discomforts.
It takes courage to
overcome the fear of rejection by others
and do our heart’s desire.
Do you have the courage to feel your fear?
Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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