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One of the gardening tools used in Tending to Your Garden Within is mirroring.  It is a mechanism to look at experiences in our daily lives and investigate their deeper meanings.  Many times, what we feel and experience in the outside world has meanings for us inwardly, and can be used to know ourselves better.
A couple of months ago I met a very nice lady who was an associate minister at a local church.  I then attended two programs outside the church setting which the lady also attended; but I did not recognize her.  At the last meeting, during an informal conversation, she described her work as an associate minister; then I remembered.  I was totally shocked that I was blind-sided by my expectation that an associate minister would not attend such a meeting; therefore I ignored my previous knowledge of knowing her due to my thought process and expectation.
This experience made me think about an important issue.  What other things do we “not see” when it does not fit our expectation?  What are our beliefs doing to limit our “seeing” what is out there?  What if our belief in happiness is limited?  What if our belief about prosperity is limited?   What if our beliefs are limiting our experience of what is really out there?
Mental Trap
Look in the mirror.
Observe a man
like you and me.
The man is educated and logical.
The man is searching everywhere.
He has a common mental trap.
The mental trap says
prosperity has a golden color and special sparkles.
To quench his thirst for prosperity
the man only looks for something golden.
The mental trap says
love has a certain logo.
To quench his thirst
the man only looks for a certain logo
he cannot see anything else.
The mental trap says
angels and guides can only have wings.
To get connected
the man only looks for something with a wing.
The mental trap says
  God has a white beard and a deep voice.
To quench his thirst for God
the man only looks for someone
with a white beard and a deep voice.
The man may be exhausted.
The man may not be joyful.
The man may be frustrated and disappointed.
The man has eyes but does not fully utilize his eyes.
The man has ears but does not fully utilize his hearing.
The man is trapped by his mind and expectation of his beliefs.
Prosperity was all around him
but he did not see.
Love resided around him in many forms
but he could not recognize love.
Angels and guides followed him like a shadow
but he did not recognize them.
God appeared to him in many forms
but he did not recognize Him.
God whispered in his ears
but he could not hear the faint voice.
Man’s belief and expectation
may act as a veil
blocking his hearing, seeing, and feeling.
Personal journey is not
about new landscapes,
but a new way of seeing, hearing and feeling
free of the shackles of limited beliefs .
Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat

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