Memories and Beliefs

by Shervin on September 9, 2018

Why is it that most of our great memories are from our childhood?

Why it is that those memories are very simple in nature?

Why is it as an adult, simple such things in our lives do not create such great experiences anymore?

Why a scoop of ice cream was very memorable as a child while a gallon of ice cream now does not give us close to that satisfaction?

As a child three factors were working in our favor which helped us naturally to be in the NOW:

  • We were curious without expectations
  • We did not have much past memories
  • We did not have much of limiting belief systems

As an adult three factors are working against being in the NOW (enjoying like a child):

  • Good memories cause us to compare past with our current experiences
  • Bad memories that cause us not to be open to new experiences
  • Belief system on how thing should and should not be

As an adult we may have more expensive toys, eat fancier food, have bigger houses and more friends and yet we may not enjoy more memorable experiences.

To experience NOW we need to drop our past memories.

What memories good or bad are causing you not to be in the NOW?

What memories and beliefs cause you not to appreciate and enjoy what is in front of you?

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat

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