Life’s Purpose

Do you know your life’s purpose?

By that I mean, do you know how you are supposed to show up in this life that makes you feel satisfied?

Many people may not be able to answer that question. They may follow a safe path with hope of one day figuring it out.

What will happen when we do not know who we are and how best we may function?

We most likely be confused, less motivated and enthusiastic, which causes us to rely on outside forces to dictate a goal or purpose to us.

Last week, the benefits and beauty of knowing one’s life purpose became very clear to me.

I was talking to a friend who was treated badly by his co-workers. Normally, one would expect him to be bitter and angry for a long time.

Not only was the friend not bitter, he was getting out of his way to help the situation!

I asked him why he was doing it.

He said that his life purpose is to love unconditionally and speak in the highest vibration no matter how he is treated.

My eyes teared up when I heard the clarity and truth of my friend’s purpose.

I then pondered: What if he did not know his life purpose? How would he have reacted in such a situation?

I reflected more on this subject.

Would any obstacle and challenge stop me easily, if I knew my life’s purpose?

Would I have more energy and enthusiasm every day if I knew and lived my life’s purpose?

My answers were no and yes.

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