Knowing Myself

Do you have any desire to know yourself?  Why not?

What makes us not to want to know ourselves?  Perhaps the investigation will uncover old memories and emotions that we would rather keep hidden.  Possibly it will challenge the image we hold about ourselves.  Maybe we believe that we are not worth knowing or that we are hopelessly defective!

Knowing Myself

Why don’t I want to know myself?

Why I am more eager to know about other people and not myself?

What I am afraid of?

Why don’t I listen to my feelings as my guide?

What if my friends and family do not approve
of who I eventually become?

Why do I prefer to do anything than knowing who I truly am?

Am I ready to become awakened to myself?

Am I ready to discover what lies behind the myriad illusions?

Am I ready to let go of my stories?

Am I willing to extend open arms to the real me?

Am I?

Copyright @ 2013 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Jiffrey says:

    Obrigada outra vez. Tambe9m era a ideia que tinha, mas estava ali uns pape9is que de3o como epmexlo de plurais em -s/-‘s palavras terminadas em -ier, -ster, -e, e eu ne3o sabia o peso que team no conjunto do le9xico. Je1 vi que diminuto. Como ne3o sei um boi de holandeas, ne3o e9 fe1cil destrine7ar este plural de um genitivo. Atre1s de uma coisa vem outra.Espero bem que sim, ele tambe9m precisa de branquear os dentes.

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