It is Going to be Easy

As part of the New Year ritual, we welcome the new and say good-bye to the old that we are complete with.  In order to effectively let go of what we no longer desire, we need to become aware of the impact old habits in our life.
For the past couple of weeks I’ve paid special attention to my internal chats and I’ve been surprised at some of the common phrases I have been using.  I have noticed that during the day I repeat many times: “I do not want to do …” “It is going to be hard …“, be it making a phone call to a co-worker for his deliverable, looking for misplaced item at home, learning something new on the internet or going to the gym.  I realized that I eventually do complete those tasks and my use of the phrase “I do not want to” and “It is hard …” sets up tension and an expectation of hardship in performing those tasks.
I have also realized that when I say, “It is going to be fun and easy …” my mood changes and the task at hand it is not as difficult as I was expecting it to be.  My verbalization is most effective when I totally believe what I say without knowing how exactly it may happen.
In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, we need to use the tools that help us produce blooming gardens within with minimum pain and suffering.  It is also necessary to update our gardening skills as we learn new techniques (more effective daily affirmations, etc).
If you too have been predicting hardship in your daily tasks, I invite you to join me in focusing on ease and fun for a week.  Let’s replace the old phrases of “I do not want to …” or “it is going to be hard …” with “it’s going to be fun and easy” and “I choose to do it with ease and fun … ”.  New affirmations with the feeling as if the task is already done (trust it is so), and the resulting smile will be magical.  Give it a try; experience it first hand; Happy New Year!
It is Going to be Easy
Let go of the old unconscious affirmations and habits.
You know what I’m talking about:
It is going to be hard to go to work.
I do not want to make the phone call.
Today is going to suck.
Invite the new!
It is going to be easy and fun.
I choose that it will be fun and easy.
Today I will experience my miracles.
Welcome the new consciousness.
Let go of the old patterns.
Let go of the need to repeat old limiting stories.
Make your own miracles visible with
your feelings and
your words.
Happy New Year!
Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Alice says:

    Shervin This was a great blog You have addressed one of the most under looked but important issues of the self talk we have with ourselves One technique I have used for many years is looking in the mirror and saying 10 times 'I am a confident and self assured (teacher, parent supervisor….) I will give a great (speech, presentation, training session…) This works well for me. Alice

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