Intellectual Laziness

When we are capable of thinking, being curious, and instead we completely delegate thinking to “experts” or “authorities”.

Imagine when people believed that earth was flat or witches had to be burned alive.

Most experts and authorities at that time supported such things and intellectual lazy people by default also repeated the narrative.

Is easy to let go of being curious and avoid learning new things about ourselves and the world we live in. However, by doing so, it will dull our minds and weaken us within.

Let us look at situations when we can become intellectually lazy by not questioning or being curious:

  • We are not curious about who we are
  • We do not regularly question our own beliefs and assumptions
  • We are not curious on learning new things that is not related to our career
  • We do not question our spiritual or religious or political groups
  • We do not question experts/authorities (medical, financial, educational …)
  • We believe in what we read or hear on our favorite communication channels

Observe your decision process and process of arriving at your opinions for the next couple of days.

How many of your decisions are based on feedback of experts who you are not familiar with or know about?

How many of your opinions do not rely on your personal experiences or are not researched by you?

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