Inner Knowledge

There are several important life issues/questions that most of us will face. Sometimes we change our initial view on them as we mature.

We may have the book knowledge of such issues, but integrating them into our lives (internalize) may take time and continuous practice.

Such issues are not a mental exercise, rather they are truths that need to be experienced in our being as part of our evolution.

What are some of the common life issues that we may address during our lives?

Here is a partial list:

  1. Accepting temporary nature of things in life;
  2. Analysis versus feeling; what do we avoid feeling by rationalization?
  3. Impact of our words on ourselves and others.
  4. Our self-worth; who/what defines it?
  5. Who is in control of our thoughts?
  6. Being alone. Is it a punishment or a way to grow?
  7. Relationships. Unconditional love and acceptance of self and others.
  8. Pleasing others/society versus following your heart’s desire.
  9. Who am I? What do I enjoy? How am I connected with the Universe?
  10. Expectations versus happiness.  Can I be happy if I have a long list of expectations from others?
  11. Awareness of our trigger points and healing the sources of initial hurt.
  12. What paths fit best toward my life purpose?
  13. Struggle between senses of security versus being free.

Which of the above issues have you addressed?

Which of the above issues are work in progress for you?

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