In My Pack

We sometimes are not aware of the anger and hatred we harbor within ourselves. Having a feeling does not mean that we feel it.

We may have learned from our childhood to be quiet and not express our opinions and feelings.  We may fear speaking our truth and the confrontation that may follow.  We may be calm and soft spoken most of the time while holding onto unexpressed emotion within.  Sometimes, we hold our emotions unexpressed inside our body and its energy may manifest into many physical symptoms.  Sometimes, these emotions burst into uncontrolled release and sometimes, if we are lucky, we direct its release by doing something that society deems acceptable.

We can look into ourselves and review how and when we feel that it is acceptable to show our anger and rage.  Are we angry about the real issue or are there some other underlying issues?  Understanding such insight can help us be less reactive and be more pro-active in expressing our emotions cleanly in a timely manner, which will help us in our relationships with family and friends.

In My Pack

In the dark of night I
peek into my pack.

I have stuffed my emotions safely
into my pack.

Among the emotions
I carry anger and hatred in my pack.

They cover my heart and arteries like plaque.

You may be surprised at the contents of my pack.

I look calm, smiling, put together and on track.

I cannot show you what is in my pack.

I have an image to back.

I have an urge to share my pack
without owning what is in my pack.

I share my pack
for causes that give me no flak.

My pack and I traveled a lonely path.

I realize now that lashing out at others
is not in my highest good.

I am now aware of the contents of my pack.

Learning to feel and express my emotions cleanly
without stuffing them in the pack.

Such a burden I used to carry in my pack.

I no longer travel a lonely path.

I now travel with a much lighter pack.

Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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