How to Have More Peace and Less Stress?

by Shervin on November 8, 2016

I like to discuss with you one simple thing that can bring you more peace and less stress.

Think of issues that have been taking your joy away lately.  Write them down.

The list may be something like this:

–  He is mean; He should be more caring.

–  He is an adult. He should understand.

–  She is not healthy. She should exercise.

–  He is rude. He should not yell.

–  He is careless. He should grow up.

– I am behind; I should do more.

All of them may be legitimate facts that are causing you stress.

Now negate the statements from your list.

– He should not be more caring.

– He should not understand.

– She should not exercise.

– He should yell.

– He should not grow up.

– I am behind; I should not do more.

Take a minute and slowly repeat those new statements and feel them in your heart.

How do you feel when you repeat those new statements? Do you feel less stress? Do you feel more relaxed?

If so, what has changed? The people in your statement did not change even though you wanted them to change.

Notice that your thought and beliefs (your story) changed and you became more relaxed. You let go of demand on how others or yourself should be and you became more peaceful!

If you are honest with yourself, the cause of your stress is your thought not the situation you are concerned with.

Have a joyful day.

Copyright @ 2016 by Shervin Hojat

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