How Sovereign Are You?

How much outside events influence your mental, emotional and spiritual state?

You are sovereign if we know yourself. This is more than knowing what personality type you are. This is about experiencing yourself to the core.

Knowing self is like being a tree rooted deeply in the earth. Winds of criticism, job loss, failures, rejections and lack of approval do not break or upset us.

If we do not know who we are, we are not sovereign. We depend on outside events/people to validate our identity. We are easily are manipulated, hurt or angered.

Most people, as a child, first try to fit in and be somebody ‘acceptable’. As soon as we deviate from the ‘norm’, we feel the guilt, shame and may feel unhappy and hollow.

After several decades of fitting in and seeking outside approval, this process becomes repetitive with no lasting joy. We may feel anger, resentment and may turn the anger on ourselves or others.

This is the time that we can challenge our beliefs, thoughts and norms that hold us back from knowing ourselves.

We decide to become self-ish and go deeper within. As a result developing a stronger root such that outside events minimally impact us.

Going within requires dropping all the thoughts, knowledge and beliefs about who we are and how we should be.

This is a process that with humility we connect to our heart.  We ask the intelligence within, through silence and meditation, to guide us to experience Self.

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