How Often Do Compare Yourself With Others?

by Shervin on May 25, 2015

Do you often compare yourself with others? For most people I think the answer is yes and the deeper question is how often in a day do we engage in this behavior.

Have you analyzed the source of most of your sadness? Can comparison with others be the source? You may be sad because you are not as fit as your friends. You may feel sad because people at your age have succeeded more than you have. You may be sad It because you get less love and praise than other family members.

What are sources of your happiness? Can comparison with others be the source? We encourage others to derive indirectly joy from other people’s misfortune. Be happy you have not lost your job like him. Be happy you are not in hospital like her. Be happy you are not as miserable as him.

When we peg our happiness based on comparing ourselves with others we lose our power and focus. After all, our mood depends on who we interact with every day and not on how we are progressing in our personal growth.

During the day track your emotions and thoughts and observe how many of the triggers for joy and sadness are based on comparison with other people.



Disconnected people compare.

Comparison is a form of addiction.

Comparison can bring you temporary “high”.

I am healthier than him.

I make more money than her.

My problems are not as bad as his.

My house is better than hers.

Comparison also will bring you sadness.

She is married and I am not.

Their kids are smarter than ours.

He vacations more often than I do.

Competition and comparison will mostly bring sadness.

It is a never ending game trying to be calm and joyful when your focus is outside of you.

Compare and compete with yourself!

Be your own benchmark!

Copyright @2015 by Shervin Hojat

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