How Is It Serving You?

by Shervin on January 16, 2017

Everything serves us until we let it go.

If you are struggling with something that is frustrating you (weight, next dream project, relationship), most likely the struggle is between your thoughts and you emotions. You likely know what are the right things to do and yet you may be sabotaging your effort regarding taking the next steps. The next steps can be as simple as planning your dinner, posting a blog, or making a phone call.

If you are frustrated with your progress you need to look at two factors:

1- What do you believe about yourself?

2- What are you trying not to feel (a form of protection?)

Just know that you are doing the best things based on your beliefs and desires not to feel. Your subconscious is helping you to get what you want. Your wishes are granted.

If ‘not being rejected’ has higher priority than getting what you desire, the best way that your subconscious can help and protect you is to sabotage the effort.  Therefore, your subconscious makes sure that you do not make the phone call or plan the dinner on time.

If you are ‘sabotaging’ your success, you need to find out what are you protecting yourself from based on the belief you have about the subject.

For example, Let us assume you are upset that you do not socialize enough and are frustrated about it. But if you believe people do not like you and you do not like to be rejected or criticized, then it is natural way of protection for you is not to show up in life. To remedy this situation is to accept that rejection is part of the process (welcome it) and change the belief that people do not like you.

Copyright @ 2017 by Shervin Hojat


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