Happy New Day!!!

Many people are excited about the coming year because it is new and provides hope that their situation will change and get better.

Every year has a new vibration and mass’s desire for change has a positive energetic impact on everyone.

We also have a free will. How a new year is different for you?  What are you bringing new to this year?

I imagine a new year similar to a bathtub with fresh, clean water in it. When we get into it, if we drag in all the old things that we are holding on to, soon that clean water will get muddy.

To celebrate the New Year and a new beginning, we need to end old things that no longer serves us and replace them with something better. This does not need to be something massive.

What are the old things that no longer serve you?

Maybe you decide smile more.

Maybe you take care of yourself more.

Maybe you decide to release some of your old habits

Maybe you decide not to focus on past hurts and let them go.

Maybe you focus more on what makes you happy.

The key to change is to identify what no longer serves you and replacing it with what gives you more life and energy.

Remember that every day can be a new year. You do not need to wait a year to make a change. You can do it today. Every day is a new opportunity.

Happy New Year and New Day!!!

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat

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