Happy 2021!

Happy New Year!

Many of us are excited for the end of 2020.  

We have put our best efforts in 2020 and have dealt with many difficult challenges.

We are looking forward to the next twelve months with hope and optimism.

As we are celebrating a new beginning of the year,  we are also kinder toward each other.

Most people like celebration and optimism toward the future. It is joyful and joy is food to our soul.

It is a good practice to celebrate new beginnings once a year. It is much preferable than celebrating it every decade!

Why not celebrate and reflect more often?

Imagine instead of a once a year celebration of the New Year, we celebrate the next day at the end of the current day.

Imagine instead of being joyful for someone’s birthday once a year, we are joyful every day.

Imagine instead being kind and loving on anniversaries, we are like that every day.

Who sets the structures to celebrate once a year? Why?

What should we do on January 2nd? Wait for another year to celebrate and reflect?

Observe little children.
Do they smile and laugh only on certain dates on the calendar (i.e. 5th day of the month)?

Go back in time to your childhood.

We all came into this unpredictable world. We could not take care of our needs, everything was new, strange and scary at times. We cried one minute and the next minute laughed on simplest goofy things. 
What changed as adults?

  • Is keeping scores of the past helping us?
  • Is worrying about infinite possibilities of the future helping us?
  • Are we better off now in experiencing joy?

Every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning and is a gift.

Life invites us to show up for every moment, be optimistic, do our best, and have no set expectations.

If we show up the way children do, our lives will be richer and we will have plenty of reasons to celebrate at the end of every day.

Happy New Year!

Copyright @2020 by Shervin Hojat

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