Feel it and Claim it!

by Shervin on September 25, 2017

We all have trapped energies in our bodies. These are our feelings that we have repressed to avoid feeling them. These emotions want to be acknowledged and released from our body.

I have found the 5 steps below to be very effective in releasing such trapped emotions.

  1. Name the emotion you are feeling, i.e. fear, sadness
  2. Find location of emotion that you have named in your body, i.e. throat, stomach
  3. What words do you hear when you focus on the emotion?
    i.e. “I feel scared that nobody will love me”.

4. Is what you heard in step 3 reasonable? Is it normal to feel scared if you believed nobody will love you?

5. Most likely the answer is yes. Have empathy for yourself. Stay with that feeling while you are breathing deeply for couple of minutes.

After following the above steps, your body will feel more relaxed and will feel emotionally stronger as result of acknowledging your suppressed emotion.  Also the repressed emotion is now has less pull on you.

Copyright @2017 by Shervin Hojat

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