Fantasy or Dream?

What is the first step of manifestation? It is dreaming (visualization). What distinguishes between dream and fantasy?  Are our wishes a dream waiting to be manifested or just a mental exercise (fantasy)?

It all depends what we do with our initial dream. If we do not take action (physical, emotional, mental) it will become a fantasy.  If I desire to become a famous doctor and just visualize about it, I will not reach my dream and it is just a fantasy.  To make my dream come closer to reality I need to take action by going to medical school first and learn the subject with enthusiasm.  This concept applies to all aspects of our life.

It is great to believe in magic; however we need to do our work to show our desire and seriousness to create an environment suitable for our dreams manifesting with ease and joy.

Fantasy or Dream?

I have so many dreams.

I even have a dream catcher in my office
and in my car.

What do I do with my dreams?

Do I materialize my dreams
am I just playing a game of fantasy?

Do I sit on the couch, and fantasize
do I take the first steps in manifesting it?

Do I just talk about my dreams
will I take the first step toward my dreams?

Am I at best a cheer leader for others manifesting their dreams
I am a player?


My choice.

Your choice.

Copyright @ 2012 by Shervin Hojat

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