Expressing the Taboo

When we participate in a group healing, usually several people experience and express collective feelings of the group. When one leads the way to express and experience something, it lets others know it is Ok to do so as well.

When you are in a group setting and you have experienced a feeling and are ready to express it, know that you may be a catalyst for many in the group. Also, there are times that another person can express what you were unable to verbalize or feel until they did it first. Below describes what happened in a group healing.

Expressing Deep Feelings

Sensations in his body felt like waves.

Struggles between his mind and heart were visible.

Tears dropping swiftly from his eyes
avoiding the attention of others.

Sounds of drumming and rattles
took him far away with ease.

Breathe! All you have to do is breathe
whispered the voice.

in and out.

He felt light headed and his nose was burning.

Let it go!
whispered the voice.

Suddenly his mind lost control
The volcano within erupted.

A roar of “I hate you!”
shocked the foundation of the sanctuary.

His body was shaking
while others were holding him down.

Air was sucked out of the room
taboo words had been spoken!

Many wondered what had happened here.

Who is he hating and why?

After a while
calm returned to his body
ravaged by the storm of emotions.

Crying mildly after the big eruption.

He was trying to figure out the depth of his emotion!

Others felt relieved that it was not their eruption.

The air in the sanctuary felt light.

A heavy burden was lifted from his shoulders
and the shoulders of many!

Hate and love have a similar frequency!

If you can express one you can express its counterpart.

Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat

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