Expectations and Happiness

What kind of expectations do you have?

Extent of our expectations determine how happy we are.

Look at the couple of few items that made you upset and kept you upset.

Were there related to some forms of expectations from others?

Why do we have expectations from others?

  • We like to be treated like we treat others.
  • We have sacrificed and expect a reward.
  • Certainty makes us feel secure and calm.
  • We have an image of how things should be.

Why expectation from others may disappoint you?

  • They may have no clue what you expect from them!
  • They may be deeply involved in their own issues.
  • They may not be as sensitive as you are.
  • They may not agree with your point of view or priority, at this moment.

I believe the expectations and disappointments toward our parents (first people we dealt with), carries its wounds in adult life.

We may still be sensitive toward certain issues that has disappointed us as a child.

It is good to know ourselves by knowing what things we are sensitive and reactive to. There is a story behind any deep reaction.

This does not mean to lower our expectations or do not do things with excellence. It means being aware of our reactions and communicate effectively if needed.

In business, expectations are more understood and agreed upon. But, at other areas of life may not be as clear or fully discussed.

In my experience, the less expectation, the more calmness and potential for a pleasant surprise.

What expectations do you have from friends or family that you have never verbalized?

What expectation (action or lack of) causes you a sudden reaction?

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